Back in October I posted a set of photos of my Ruth Bader Ginsburg Funko-Pop. On that same day in September when I took those photos, I took some more of my collection and of my desk. Below are my favorite photos from that little experiment.

My funko-pop collection is far bigger than just these few on my bookshelf. A number of them are still in my office, and I have more packed in plastic tubs because I don’t really have a place for them in my apartment.

These guys all once lived in my office, displaying my personality. That’s what I miss about my work office; it was so me. You step in and you know who I am: a geek/nerd who likes to color, go to see musicals, and has a great love of her family and friends.

We are supposed to be going back to the office in April, over a year since we started working from home. But, I’ll believe that when I see it. Until then, please enjoy a few photos from my apartment.

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