I don’t normally post any thoughts with these quotes. But this time is different. This time it seems necessary. I originally scheduled this post to go out in February–before the pandemic. It was fitting that a photo of an ornament is posted during the holiday season.

When I found this quote, I had no idea how relevant to this year it would be. Because this is how I feel right now, when I think of all of my family and friends that I haven’t been able to be with this year.

I miss my cousins and their kids and seeing them run around doing the same stuff we did. I miss cooking in the kitchen with my aunts and rolling my eyes at my uncles jokes. I miss my friends and just hanging out-whether that’s here at home or hopping on a plane, flying 2000 miles to just hang out on their couch.

This quote hits home, because when I think of all of these people, I do wonder what they’re doing and wish I were there to be doing it to.

Happy Holidays Y’all. Miss you, love you, wish I were there with you.

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