I think I’ve mentioned before how I used to spend every summer with my grandparents in Illinois. They had an extensive garden and lots of bushes and trees with fruits. Their garden fed them, and it fed us too. My grandmother would can green beans, slaw, and (my favorite) blackberry jelly. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had hoped I would learn how to can and make preserves. As much time as I spent with my grandma in her kitchen, canning was one thing I never learned how to do.

One of my mom’s favorite condiments is a southern slaw called ‘pool room slaw’. It closely resembles ‘chow chow’. But cha cha has tomatoes and pool room slaw doesn’t. I looked it up.

On my recent trip to Alabama, we went my grandma’s hometown and made the rounds visiting her brothers and sister. At my uncle’s house, my mom, aunt, and great aunt got together in the kitchen and made a batch of pool room slaw.

When my aunt mentioned that this was something she was going to do while we were in Leighton, I immediately said I wanted to see this process. I wanted to take photos and preserve this experience that doesn’t happen often, at least with me there and my mom helping out.

The photos below are from that experience–two generations making and canning slaw. I’ll post the recipe at a later date. For now, enjoy my favorite photos from the experience.

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  1. It was your dad wanting you to learn how to do those things. It becoming a lost art along with making homemade biscuits.

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