I came across this writing prompt on Pinterest last month. I thought I would give it a go. Below the picture is my response. Let me know what you think. I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing.

Simone swirled the clear tumbler in her hand and listened to the ice clink against the glass. She took a sip of the liquid it held and made a face. She hated tequila. But tequila was all that was left in the liquor cabinet. Wearing an orange hair bonnet and a plush navy blue bath robe, she was sure she looked like a crazy person.

 As she watched plumes of smoke rise into the night sky, she stood on the lawn. One thought came to mind, fuck. Simone whipped her head around wondering if anyone could see her before she started running to her car. By the grace of god, she had had some wherewithal in all of this to park two streets down. 

Simone was a sight to behold. With a now empty glass in one hand, her bunny slipper clad feet pounded the pavement in a neighborhood full of million-dollar houses. Her feet were going to be in pain from the lack of support when this was all over.

She made it back to her car in time to hear the sirens rolling down the street. After placing the glass in the cup holder next to the empty bottle of tequila, Simone struggled to pull her cell phone from the pocket of her robe.

As she went to her list of favorites and tapped the name at the top of the list a thought flitted through her mind, I wonder what time it is in Ukraine. She shook her head because it didn’t matter. She better answer either way, she thought.

The phone rang twice before a voice on the other side answered, “hello?” It asked.

“I burnt the house down,” Simone said.

“You did what?!”

“Shay, he got remarried…so I burnt the fucking house down.”

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