Nine years ago I graduated from college. It’s hard to believe and a bit sad too. I’m sad because this year, so many students who deserve to don their graduation regalia and walk across a stage to the thunderous applause of their peers, professors, friends, and family will not have that same opportunity. With this pandemic, a lot of universities have decided to cancel or postpone graduation ceremonies. So instead of crossing the stage in May like so many of their predecessors, students will make that journey at a later date or not at all.

I decided to post today, to celebrate and commemorate nine years as an alumnae of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This first set of photos are ones of my beloved university. I took these four years ago when I went out for a stroll.

The second set of photos can be considered as part of my ‘quarantine photos’. Over the last 13 years (four in school + nine as a graduate), I accumulated quite the collection of UNC shirts, either as gifts or purchases. I didn’t realize how many I owned until I was doing my laundry during the great quarantine of 2020 (that’s a thing now, I’ve named it). I got the brilliant idea to display them around my diploma (which I finally framed a few months ago). Not included in this set of shirts are all the freebies acquired as a student.

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