It’s been a while since my last post–over a month actually. But life has been busy. I started an MBA program and my finals were this week.

A few months ago I first thought about putting together some photos that I think express me.

This is me, a self portrait.

This first set is of a photo I have of my grandmother. The ring that’s sitting on the frame and that I’m wearing were hers. I spent several summers with my grandmother, watching her as she baked and cooked. She’s a major reason I love to bake. I’ve worn this ring practically everyday since her funeral in 2016.

The photo of the basil plant is thrown in because I’ve been trying to keep a couple of plants alive in my humble apartment.

This final set is of my diploma from UNC and my acceptance letter to Elon’s MBA program. I love my alma mater and I am enjoying my time at Elon. These two institutions (even Elon) have had a significant impact in shaping me into who I am.

That’s it for now. Maybe later I’ll continue this idea and create another series so you can get to know me better.

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