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Ketchikan, Alaska. This was the first stop of our Alaskan Cruise. It’s a small city where .70 of every dollar earned is from tourism. Apparently, it’s also the ‘Salmon Capitol of the World’. We took a duck boat tour and learned a bit of the history of ‘Alaska’s first city’. What’s a duck boat? This is a duck boat.

It is a vehicle that can travel on land and drive right into the water. The whole thing was quite surreal but fun at the same time.

While in the water, we saw so many eagles. And they posed perfectly. It’s kind of strange, and awe inspiring to see such majestic creatures just chilling on rocks.

We also saw Orca whales but I didn’t get to capture them with my camera. Ketchikan offered some stunning views, which resulted in the photos below. I don’t think I’d visit Ketchikan again, but I still enjoyed my visit.

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