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    a pastoral anniversary

    Two weeks ago I took photos for the 37th pastoral anniversary of the man who baptized me over twenty years ago. I got to see people who’ve known me my entire life, and capture the emotional event. I took over a thousand shots, but whittled it down to 292 unique photos. The photos below are some of my favorites. If you want to see them all, just follow this link.  

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    ticket for one

    Almost a year ago I took my first ever trip out of the country.  I went alone, and it was for work. I flew into Heathrow on a Saturday night and took a taxi to Chertsey, England which is about 18 miles from London. Sunday I slept. Jet lag is so real. Later in the day I explored. I didn’t take my camera out with me, so I just have this picture in my mind of this lovely little town. The inn I stayed in had a pub and served breakfast. It was so unlike anything I’d ever experienced in my life. I loved every minute of it. I worked…

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    graduation session

    Sometimes I look back at some of the things I’ve created and I think “damn, that’s not half bad!”. That’s how I feel about this session I did for my friend Stephanie. We had so much fun . Almost two yeas ago, Stephanie graduated from Campbell University with a Master’s degree. Now she’s putting all the hard work and effort to good use and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to see her doing what she loves. Like I said before, I love seeing my friends succeed! And I still love ALL of these photos! There were over 100 and I narrowed it down to less than 60 of…